Why Most People Fail In Creating True Sustainable Wealth

May 31, 2022

Author: Michael Hazilias

When it comes to creating wealth, many people fail to achieve the goals they set for themselves, not for a lack of trying, but more so due to self sabotaging behaviors that can often be traced back to a scarcity mindset and limiting beliefs.

Let’s take a look at how most of us develop beliefs about money

Complete the following sentence: Money is ______

What did you answer?

Money is the root of all evil

Money doesn’t grow on trees

Money is time


Money is energy 

Money is abundance 

Money is freedom 

There are no right or wrong answers, there is only your current belief. Most people’s beliefs are derived from their upbringing, religious and/or cultural beliefs or something that they picked up from someone at some point in their life.

Think about how many times you may have heard the following statements: 

  • Money is the root of evil
  • Money does not make you happy 
  • Money doesn't grow on tree

Have you ever consciously questioned these statements or have you accepted them as truths because they are repeated to us so many times?

I too had the same beliefs around money and it showed up in my life, regardless of how much my income was, I was always struggling, always finding it hard to get ahead and was always chasing that next pay rise, or how to increase cash flow. Regardless of how much I increased my cash flow or income, my expenses seemed to rise with them and I was still left with minimal at the end. I would constantly say to myself that I need to increase my income in order to progress.

It was not until I faced complete financial ruin during the pandemic that I truly asked myself: why and how did I end up here?

This led me to go internally and really question my internal dialogue and beliefs around money.

What I learned was, I was sabotaging myself. Whenever I had excess money, I would find a way to spend it and justify my reason for needing to spend it. After a period of time I found that I felt guilty when I had money and would find ways to remove it from my life. 

The good news is that you have the power to change your beliefs and attitude towards money the same way you can change your beliefs about anything in life. Beliefs are not final until we decide they are.

I’m sure you’re asking… How do we change our beliefs about money?

It’s a very good question!

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