Where Do Your Money Beliefs Come From?

Aug 22, 2022

Author: Elle Miller

Most people have a set of beliefs about money, from "money is evil" to "money is everything." These beliefs are passed down from generation to generation and become ingrained in our subconscious. They’re tough to break too.

Whether or not your money beliefs are propelling you to where you want to be or holding you back from becoming the happiest and wealthiest you’ve ever been, there are four factors that influence them. 

3 out of them are not your fault and are entirely out of your control. The last one might be the most important and something you can change!

Here are the four factors:

1.Generations before you and your upbringing

A lot of people’s beliefs stem from how they were raised – directly or indirectly. If money was a touchy subject or discussed at the dinner table. If your parents were savers, investors, or spenders. If they taught you how to work for money or let money work for you. These are all small ways that add up to how you view money right now. 

2.When You Were Born

A big factor about how money is being used, saved, or invested largely is impacted by when you were born. Let’s say you were born right after the financial crisis of 2008. Most likely your parents dealt with the heaviest effects and raised you to save first, be frugal, and believe cash is king. If you’re a Gen Z-er, you might be more open to new investments. Your parents experienced the rise, fall, and takeover of the internet era. You experienced the budding beginning of cryptocurrency and the world of possibilities. 

3.Where Were You Born

Your environment could be the biggest factor that could propel you from toxic limiting beliefs to a frame of abundance. Yes, there are millionaires from all corners of the world but there are some unfair advantages if you live in a developed country. In many situations, your zipcode can drastically affect your educational attainment, number of opportunities, and starting salary. 

4.Your Reactions

Now, this is the exciting part. If I’ve learned anything from the many successful millionaires around the globe (both in crypto and traditional finance), you need to learn how to succeed despite. 

You can never control situations. Instead, you can influence your reactions to them. 

The abundance mindset is not something people are born with or something you can easily switch over to. No. It’s all about seeing abundance despite – despite what you learned from media, from your parents, or from where you were born.

Then, take massive action to abolish the limiting beliefs and learn how to gain that abundance for yourself. That’s how we get the amazing stories of people rising up, changing their lives, and stepping into the life they could only dream of. 

How do you begin? Start with identifying your limiting beliefs, figure out why they’re not true, and explore new truths that bring you different views on money.

We share some stories and other things we learn about money, finance, digital assets, and cryptocurrency here on our blog. I encourage you to look around and discover new facets of money that can lead you to an abundant life.