Welcome to the Decrypting Crypto Blog!

Apr 18, 2022

Hey Guys, 

We are trialling a new Decrypting Crypto blog to keep you all updated as to what is happening in both the CryptoVerse and the overarching financial markets from macro and micro economics.

As most of you heard in our latest expert session with Ralph Anania, his number one suggestion was to educate ourselves about any investment before we invest.

This is sound advice and is what all the smart investors do and teach to their community.

We are no different, in the sense we want to help each and every one of you to have the knowledge, the conviction and the resources you need to make an informed decision when it comes to investing.

Michael Saylor from Micro Strategy and other Bitcoin influencers are always emphasising the need for people to learn about Bitcoin before investing.

In fact some people even believe before you invest capital into bitcoin, you should invest 100 hours learning about bitcoin.

100 Hours is no small feat and will take a long time for most of us to achieve.

One of the ways I keep myself up to date is by watching the latest Crypto News, interviews, and documentaries. I am not talking about the cowboys on Youtube that keep telling us that Bitcoin is going to the moon, as good as it feels to get that dose of hopium every now and then.

I believe we need to be looking at the big players in this space and listen, watch, and model what they do.

Amongst the people I am always listening to are

Kevin O'Leary

Ray Dalio

Michael J. Saylor

Roy Niederhoffer

These people are well educated and very successful business people, investors and entrepreneurs who have realised the potential of Crypto and have turned their focus to it.

This channel has been created to keep you all updated with the latest information we deem relevant to you as a Crypto Investor.

We aim to enrich you with as much information as possible to help you navigate your way through what we believe will be challenging times ahead.

It is only by keeping abreast of what is happening that we will all have the best chance of minimising the impact of the current GEO-poliltical turmoil and the macroeconomic uncertainty we currently live in. Through this knowledge we hope we can all come out in stronger financial positions at the other end of this turbulent time that we may be heading into at some point in the future.