The Real Secret is Yield

Jun 01, 2022

Author: Michael Hazilias

If you’ve been around the financial game long enough, you’ll know that the key to financial abundance is creating multiple passive income streams.

For most it’s a dream, for some it’s a reality. Either way, it doesn’t come easy, you need to invest time to learn the knowledge required and to take action and stick to the strategies.

In traditional finance this is done using mechanisms like property, businesses or dividend paying stocks, for example.

In the digital asset world it’s achieved via a number of methods: earning interest, generating rewards, or processes known as “staking” and “farming”.

For the latter, this involves storing your digital assets somewhere so that they can be utilised to earn interest or rewards, either in the underlying asset, or a different asset.

A whole new class of financial capability is springing up in the new financial system powered by blockchain technology, called Decentralised Finance, or DeFi. This is providing a whole range of new opportunities for the everyday investor, to put their money to work, without requiring a “middle-man” (or multiple of them), that take significant parts of the margin. PS, if you want to learn more about how the traditional financial system takes advantage of you, check out

For example, one of the higher risk DeFi strategies we teach in the 1KaDay Club is how to earn 1% on your investment, 365 days a year. This is paid out in the underlying project’s token, and you can choose to re-invest (compound) or cash out (claim) on a regular basis.

However there are many other strategies that can be used in combination with this to capitalise on the value of your portfolio, eg to “earn while you sleep”. When used correctly, as you grow your portfolio over time, these strategies could be earning you hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars a day, through any market condition (bull or bear markets).

These are the same strategies I have developed and grown over time to apply to my portfolio to earn up to $2,000 USD in daily returns, with less than 30 minutes of work a day.

WARNING: The challenge with DeFi and crypto in general is there are a lot of bad actors in this space looking to steal your money at the first opportunity. If you don’t know how to vet these platforms properly, and you don’t have a good guide on your journey, you can (and will most likely) lose your money.

DeFi strategies is another area we at Breakout Solutions have spent significant time researching and curating to ensure a level of reasonable return whilst ensuring, to the best of our capability, everyone’s funds are kept as safe as possible in this ever maturing technological environment.

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