The Primary Weapon: Exponentially Growing Your Digital Asset Portfolio

May 31, 2022

Author: Michael Hazilias

Don’t get me wrong, it’s certainly possible to make GOOD money in a bull market.

We’ve had some great results since December 2020 when things really started to fire up.

For example, THOR (RUNE) was one of our picks in January 2021. We got in at around $1.65 and it ended up hitting a high of $21.26, a max ROI of 1288%! You could have turned a $500 investment into $6,440!

Or LUNA, which we now know has crashed due to the UST saga, however we were able to make some awesome gains on it when it went from $5.53 to $119.18 for a max ROI of 2155%! A $500 investment could have turned into $10,775.

However, compared to the returns you can gain during a bear market, it pales in comparison…

Look at Synthetix (SNX), a project I entered back in 2019 during the bear market. This DeFi project went from $0.085 to a high of $28.53!! If you had managed to time the top (almost impossible) that’s a max ROI of 33565%! To put it in perspective, a $500 investment would have turned into $167,825!

Or another one of our great picks, Chainlink (LINK), a project I entered way back in the bear market of 2018 at $0.22 which hit a high of $52.70 in the recent bull run. That’s a max ROI of 237,39%! For context a $500 investment would have turned into $118,695!

The above examples assume that you could have timed the absolute top, which is nearly impossible (and I didn’t achieve it), however with the strategies we teach about taking profits along the way you’re still talking about significant Return On Investment (ROI).

You see, you can make GREAT returns in a bull market, you can create GENERATIONAL WEALTH in a bear market.

So, if this is a bear market for a few months or longer, be happy and get ready for the next phase.

It’s important to note here that previous returns don’t guarantee future returns, and there is definitely some luck in this whole process - for every 2-3 that go big, there are many that don’t make it.

So, with over 18,000 cryptocurrencies and tokens, how do you know which ones to buy? And when?

These are the golden questions. You need the knowledge to know what to look for and have a good process in place for picking the projects that have the higher probability of succeeding in an early stage market like crypto & blockchain.

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