The Death of the Dollar, The End of an Empire

May 03, 2022

Author: Elle Miller

The Spanish. The Dutch. The British. Then, America.

Let me introduce you to the past world orders, the superpowers that took over the world in the past millennium. 

For the last 500 years, the United States of America held its top spot as the overarching controlling power of the world. How? It became the trading hub of the world, the financial capital of the world, it invested billions of dollars in military and defenses, and everybody used the U.S. Dollar. 

Some countries like El Salvador and Zimbabwe even turned to use the U.S. Dollar when their currency became shaky. The world’s financial reserves are in the dollar currency and even the most important asset of all is only traded in the U.S. currency, OIL.

But what comes up, must go down.

The crash of the U.S. Dollar may be coming faster than we thought. Ray Dalio, a multi-billionaire and co-chairman of Bridgewater Associates, a global macro investment firm and the world’s largest hedge fund, decided to study the rise and fall of empires according to 8 attributes.

We are entering a new world order and it’s coming faster than we think. In light of recent events of hyperinflation, political unrest, and excessive money printing, the world is losing faith in the U.S. Dollar. Predictions show that the next empire that would rise could be China with its fast-evolving technology, control over trade, strategic world relations, and dominance over nearby countries.

That means the world as we know it will collapse! Does that scare you?

If it does, the BEST thing to combat these changes and prepare yourself is to invest. Invest in your EDUCATION. By understanding these events and how they can affect your financial goals and plans, you’ll start creating strategies that will protect you no matter what life throws at you. That could be diversifying your currency, turning to alternative investments, or moving countries altogether.

But the BEST strategy is to know how to plan for YOUR situation! 

Invest in your EDUCATION. 

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