The Breakout Journey Pt. 1: Open Your Eyes

Sep 22, 2022

Author: Elle Miller

Calling all crypto beginners. With all the deep red that you’re seeing on charts, it’s so easy to panic!

Some of you might even be wondering: Is crypto really DEAD? Do we even need cryptocurrency? Will Bitcoin go to 0?

These questions and worries are all valid but if you’re interested or intrigued to enter the cryptoverse, you have to understand what it’s all about. 

Especially with the fears of a market downturn, it’s so easy to get caught up with emotions, hearsay, and all the craziness the world is saying about crypto.

So, we’re sharing a new short series of blogs called Breakout Journey to help you make sense of everything. 

We’re sharing exactly how people unplugged from the debt-driven, money hungry world we live in.

In this three-part series, I’m sharing some stories of our coaches, a lot of practical ways for you to center yourself on this part of the journey, why to believe it in the long-term, and get you to look forward to the next bull run!

If you're on the fence on whether or not to start your digital wealth journey – let this series be an eye-opener to show you what could happen to you.


All our life, the world has been lying to us. 

I know. I know. Before you stop reading and call this whole thing B.S., let me share with you a story.

This is Michael Hazilias. If you’ve been with Breakout Solutions for a bit, you probably know him as the founder and overall tech genius of the company.

Michael is not your ordinary guy. Having started his first tech company at the age of 16, it’s easy to say that he would be destined for great things and a charmed life. 

That wasn’t always the case. 

Michael was working on his last company when it started struggling with cashflow. Like many new start-ups, it was having a hard time in its quest to be profitable. He spent months talking to banks, figuring out how he could get out of the debt the company was starting to stack up. He was drowning. 

And it eventually resulted in a physical and a mental breakdown….

He was ripped out of his business and forced to recover at home. At this stage, he honestly believed that the business would fail. His biggest fear was about to get realized. 

All of his family’s hard-earned wealth would be taken away by the banks.

And you know what, that nearly happened…

And the kicker is, banks would not have cared ONE BIT. 

Thankfully, his management team, staff, and family helped them recover the business while he was away and it's now afloat and doing very well.

However, the trauma he experienced with the banks is something he won’t ever heal from. 

That was his wake-up call. The way we were all taught to kill ourselves by working hard for money only to allow banks to decide on it for us. The rat race. The way that debt has so much power over us. The way banks wouldn’t even care if we were pushed against a wall and had no choices left.

All of that brought him to the decision that he needed to find a different way. 

This is when he decided to create wealth outside of the traditional financial system, away from the grips of the banks and other controlling organisations and Governments, and that is what fuelled his journey into the wonderful world of digital assets.

…And he never looked back.

He realized that the traditional system is BROKEN. 

So, today, even after three bear market cycles. Even after losing a lot of money. Even after experiencing scams and rug pulls himself. Even after hours and hours of grueling research, he knew he was onto something. 

Then, he went all in. 

Now, he’s able to 20x his initial investment. He’s earning thousands of dollars a day, completely passively. He prepared himself to even be ok in another bear market.

He multiplied portfolios of hundreds of clients all over the world with his team and is now wants to help so many more people. 

After waking up to this reality and seeing how Decentralised Finance, digital assets, and blockchain technology can really change not only his finances but the world, he made it his life mission to wake other people up too.

He cracked the code and broke out of the financial matrix.

See, it all started with him opening his eyes and understanding the real problem. It’s not about trends or what Elon Musk is saying about crypto today. Cryptocurrency is going to change the world. It’s the financial revolution we all need and have been waiting for.

Now that it’s here, it’s just waiting for us to harness it. 

Start with understanding what the traditional banking system has been doing to us for decades. Have you ever been screwed over? Have you felt like you’re never making enough no matter how much you earn? Are you always stressed about money?

I encourage you to read more about it and if you’re interested to learn more about the financial matrix and how it’s been trapping you, check out