The Breakout Journet Pt. 3: It is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

Oct 24, 2022

Author: Elle Miller

This is a three-part series where I’m sharing stories about our coaches, practical ways for you to centre yourself on this part of the journey, why you should believe it in the long term and how to look forward to the next bull run!

Today, we’re talking about the Marathon. 

This is the story of one of our coaches and how they began their wealth journey, their exploration into digital assets, and how reframing their time horizon helped them change their financial game.

If you’re feeling down or worried about what’s happening economically, this story could resonate with you.

The Third and Last Part: It is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

I understand the hesitation to jump into crypto now.

We’re in a bear market. There’s news of recession, the political world is unstable, and everything feels so uncertain.

Even more so in cryptocurrency.

The cryptocurrency market is volatile and it can be hard to keep up but if you look at the long term picture, it becomes clear that the market is still growing. Just look at the performance of crypto in the last few years:

There was a time when most people thought that Bitcoin was only for criminals, used on the dark web and would never become mainstream. They were wrong.

There was a time when people thought Bitcoin was dead. There are 452 obituaries in the world proclaiming that Bitcoin died. They were wrong.

There was a time when people thought that the only thing you could buy with Bitcoin is pizza. They were wrong as well.

However, there are still some who believe that the new technology behind cryptocurrencies will fail because they don’t understand how it works or they don’t see any value in it at all. These people are called “skeptics” or “nonbelievers”.

I get it.

It’s easy to say that when all you hear about are scams, get-rich-quick schemes, massive failures like Terra Luna, and more.

Many people in crypto are too anxious and impatient and they want to make money quickly and they are willing to do anything to make it happen. They want an easy win – instant gratification. This is understandable because when you work hard for something and don’t get an immediate return it can be frustrating. 

But, you should take a moment and open your mind - or you might pass by the next best opportunity.

Just like how one of our coaches… Matt almost missed out. 

This is Matt Baitieri, Head Technical Analyst and Coach at Breakout Solutions. He’s one of the coaches here at Breakout Solutions and he shares our mission to spread the word about cryptocurrency and the opportunity it brings with it.

Why does he want to do that?

Well, crypto changed his life...

Matt actually started as a party-goer and big spender whilst at university. At that time, he couldn’t save a dime, he couldn’t afford to move out, and was in a job he was so sick and tired of. 

Eventually, he was lucky enough to build up a successful gym business that he built to the point where it was earning hundreds and thousands of dollars a year. 

After trying many other different investments, he stumbled upon Bitcoin when he found out about it from a friend back in 2017 - and there began his love for the cryptocurrency world. 

He poured his heart, soul, and a lot of funds into trading. Starting off as a rookie, he was learning the ropes as he went. Thankfully, he did very well during the 2018-2021 bull run. 

His biggest gain? 40,000 AUD!

His biggest loss? Also, 40,000 AUD!

So, as you can imagine there is a rollercoaster of emotions and grind that you need to experience day-to-day to achieve success through high-touch things like day trading. 

Then, Matt discovered a better way, through Breakout Solutions.

He found an untapped potential in decentralised finance (DeFi) that he could focus on for longer-term and sustainable gains without as much emotional daily grind. 

Matt realised that if he wanted to be involved in lower-paced spaces like DeFi he’d need to increase his time horizon for earning gains and adopt a long-term view on things. He knew that this may mean sacrificing short-term profits for bigger gains further down the line. He realised that if you have patience then it will be worth it in the end as you will see greater returns over time with less stress and risk involved than if you were to trade on short-term price fluctuations.

The biggest key for Matt to get to that understanding was through EDUCATION. He would spend hours and hours every day learning whatever he could and as much as he could… through many different ways including spending thousands of dollars on courses!

Matt dug deep into his crypto education and it definitely paid off.

Today, he’s done living paycheck to paycheck, running around trying to get money from here and there to pay off debts. He can take a breather from the roller coaster of day trading. He can rest easy knowing that his investments are paying him consistently even in a bear market.

So, if you want to explore DeFi and how to use crypto to achieve generational wealth, start your education today with!