The Art and Science of Protecting Your Gains

May 31, 2022

Author: Michael Hazilias

How many times have you had a coin go 5-10x only to see it drop to where you bought it?

Or even worse, you cashed out at 10x and re-invested it into the latest greatest alt coin, only to see that coin lose 50-90% of its value, and erase all your gains…

Feels pretty crap hey?

I know as I’ve been through it…

In July 2017, like most people entering a bull run, I thought I was a crypto investing genius.

I had been investing in traditional markets for a number of years and crypto seemed all too easy…

Within 3 months I had 5x’d my portfolio and as I rotated my profits into new altcoins, I was up over 10x by January 2018.

I’ll never forget a family holiday we were on in January 2018 when I remember looking at my portfolio thinking that I would be a crypto millionaire in another few months.

And oh boy, how wrong I was.

Within the next couple of months my portfolio dropped over 50%, and by the end of 2018 it was down 80-90%. 

Luckily I had taken profits along the way, but nowhere near what I should have, after looking back at the series of events that ended the 2017 bull run.

It was painful. My greed has cost me, a LOT…

This was the lesson I needed to humble me with crypto investing, and I went to work learning all about the markets, cycles, money flows, technical analysis, onchain analysis, and more…

This knowledge, and the strategies and tools that I have collected along the way, are what has enabled me to more than 20x my portfolio, including taking profits multiple times along the way.

You see, the right mindset and managing emotions is a big part, however there is a lot more.

Namely, all the practical stuff - knowledge, strategies, tools, monitoring processes and accountability. All of these play a key role in the art and science of protecting your gains.

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