Plan B of the Unbanked

Apr 18, 2022

Author: Elle Miller

If you live in America, Australia, or other developed countries of the world, getting a bank account is probably so easy. With a TON of ads and salespeople urging you to get an account, you can open one within a day.

BUT that’s not always the case around the world.

According to the World Bank, about 1.7 Billion people around the world are currently UNBANKED and more are completely undocumented. That means nearly a QUARTER of the world is dependent on cash transactions. 


Populations in poorer areas of the world do not have the documentation or requirements that are needed for banks. They have no other choice but to depend on CASH and there are so many limitations to that:

  • Security and Safety.
  • No access to global transfers. 
  • No access to financial investments or records.

The cryptoverse is SET to change that. We finally have Option B! No GATEKEEPING. No trust insecurity from banks. No one controlling your money but you!

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are allowing ACCESS for ordinary people around the world to participate in economic transactions. It’s doing what the internet did for information access to money and transactions. Now anyone with an internet connection can have their money with them – no matter what. 

One day this access can help turn poverty into stability and even lead to riches! Normal people can gain a way to change their life! And we’re already seeing it today!

  1. El Salvador is creating a Crypto-powered Smart City 
  2. Filipinos are using Play-to-Earn crypto to get food on the table
  3. There are hundreds of thousands of Bitcoin millionaires
  4. Teens can create art and sell them as an NFT for money

From limited, cryptoverse is unlocking the gates and allowing people to BREAK OUT from the debt-driven financial matrix today! If you want to learn more about how you can turn your life into abundance through crypto and digital assets too, check out the 1KaDAY Club where members are starting their crypto journey by earning 1% a day, 365 days a year!


If you have any loved ones that want to learn how they can UNPLUG from the limited options of traditional banking, feel free to share this with them.