Inside Assets Vs Outside Assets and Why Do They Matter

Apr 26, 2022

Author: Wassim Dabboussi

With the recent actions of governments around the world using economic sanctions and freezing people’s assets, there is an increase of people all around the world looking at taking their assets outside of the US dollar monetary system.

Actions by Canadian prime minister Trudeau against the truckers protesting vaccine mandates. 

US and allies sanctions on Russia, and confiscation of Russian wealth.

This has led to many wealthy individuals to question the safety and security of the US Dollar, because what we have seen now is, if someone becomes an enemy of the state then their assets can be confiscated and frozen by governments as we have seen in Canada against their own citizens and in the US against a foreign nation that the US wishes to sanction. 

Regardless of where you sit on the Russia/ Ukraine crisis, whether you are a Saudi Oil Prince, an oligarch, or just an average blue collar worker protesting and standing up for something you believe in, it is now obvious that the powers at hand can freeze and remove your assets if they decide you are a threat. By doing so they will outcast the targeted entity from access to financial services and essentially cripple them financially. 

Inside assets are any assets that are linked to the PetroDollar Financial system,

These include anything that needs government approval, such as FIAT money in the bank, stocks, property, vehicles, boats, planes. They are all pegged to the FIAT system in one way or another and hence governments can and will freeze them. 

Outside assets are things like Gold, Silver and Bitcoin because they exist independent of the FIAT system and hold their value, they are in fact sound money. These assets are being purchased now more than ever. Because people are starting to see how governments can and are abusing their powers to push their agenda and narratives.  

I found the following interview very informative as they discuss how Outside Assets will play a major role in the future of our economic system, and why you should be diversifying your investments into these assets.

Enjoy this 12 min interview: