How to Make It in the Cryptoverse (3 Skills to WIN at investing)

Apr 21, 2022

Author: Elle Miller

If you’re here, you have probably heard about the amazing potential Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have to earn and grow your money. With endless promises to double, 10x, or even 100x your investment, how can you ignore it?

With all the hype and positivity crypto has been getting in the last couple of years, many influencers flocked to endorse it. The usual message: “We’re all gonna make it.”

Now, that we’re still in the early adopter phase of all things Cryptoverse, anyone that gets in now will win. While it’s possible, it’s not the whole truth.

You CAN make it. There are a LOT of chances to do so. BUT you are not GUARANTEED to make it. Sadly, a lot of people can still fail and lose a lot of money investing in crypto. BUT THE BEST PART? 

You have control over your destiny here. The way to BREAK that chance or at least minimise it is to UPGRADE yourself and get SKILLED on all things crypto. 

Like what our Head Coach, Wassim Dabboussi said, ”You Will Never Ever Go Broke Investing In Yourself”. After building many businesses, losing everything during the pandemic, rebuilding his whole life, and now enjoying financial independence, he’s lived by this mantra and it’s paying off.

Before investing your money on the next hyped token, start with investing in learning these 3 skills first:

  • You should not be investing in Bitcoin or Ethereum. Invest your time in understanding them first. 
  • Advice and opportunity are everywhere. Have a system to determine if it's for you.
  • Be hungry for information. Relentlessly learning allows you to have a better understanding of this cryptoverse that is still constantly evolving.

  • Take advantage of the community and get involved. The more you know about what’s happening in the cryptoverse, the more you master it. NOTE: only get your info from trusted sources.
  • Now that you see patterns from your research, take a moment and stop. Be patient and learn how to observe for the right timing.
  • Observing the market allows you to spot trends that can easily change your earnings from 10x to 100x. 

  • Practice makes perfect. They say you need to be doing 10,000 hours of something to master it. 
  • The cryptoverse is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme. You need to put in the time, effort, and risk to truly gain. 
  • Losing your money is not ALWAYS a bad thing. Fail and learn from it then you’re still a winner. NOTE: make sure to only invest money you can lose.

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