How bad can inflation get?

May 02, 2022

Author: Wassim Dabboussi

One of my favourite authors and presenters is Robert Kiyosaki, author of the Rich Dad Poor Dad books and brand.

For years Robert has been warning about the coming inflation, the collapse of the financial system, and the collapse of the US dollar.

Robert has always advocated the purchasing of Gold and Silver to hedge against inflation, he added Bitcoin to his list a few years ago. He recently added Ethereum and Solana to his list of digital assets to buy to protect our wealth and hedge against inflation or worse, hyperinflation.

Robert has always been vocal about how badly the world economy has been managed by the powers that be, and what this will all mean for our short term and long term economic future. 

Recently he has been even more vocal and warning of the urgency and severity of the problem world wide.

One of the biggest issues we are facing is that most baby boomers are coming up to retirement and are heavily reliant on the stock market. If the stock market crashed like it did back in 2008, most of the boomers will lose their retirement funds. 

Robert has also been warning that house foreclosures in the US are on the rise with the repo market inversion another precursor for an impending recession. Last time this happened was in 2008.  

As horrible as the situation is and the hard truth is many people will suffer and many will lose a lot of money, some will lose everything. What we do know is that there is always a silver lining in times of crisis. And that silver lining for the smart investor is this crash and recession is an opportunity for those who are preparing to become ultra wealthy by scooping up hard assets at bargain prices. This includes digital assets!

Which side of the fence will you be on?