Crypto Hacks and How to Avoid Them

Apr 19, 2022

Author: Elle Miller

Hey guys,

As early as Bitcoin was first launched, there were already many reports of SCAMS, HACKS, and DANGER! This causes so many people to be wary and afraid. 

  • Nearly $200 Million Stolen in BitMart Crypto Exchange Hack
  • People from the Arabic community are getting scammed thousands of dollars
  • Young and impressionable people are losing money from hype and fake experts on social media

That’s definitely something to be afraid of. We definitely can’t blame you because these scams are there and they’re undeniable.

BUT the opportunity of crypto is also undeniable. We know this is still the future of money and the opportunity of a lifetime! 

So, the question is how can we participate, invest, and grow our money – SAFELY!

Here are some quick tips to keep your money SAFE and avoid crypto hacks:

  1. NO SHARING! Your information is SACRED. Passwords, keys, and sensitive information are the KEYS to your digital wallets. If anyone gets access to this, they get access to all your hard-earned money. 
  2. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH. Never follow instructions, strategies, and suggestions BLINDLY. In crypto, information is power and you should always double and triple check if the information you’re getting is from a trusted source. 
  3. TRUST THE FUNDAMENTALS. No matter if it's fiat, banking, or crypto, there are money fundamentals in taking care of your money and investments. Invest the money you can afford to lose, diversify your sources, buy low and sell high. 

These are only some of the tips that will help you in your wealth journey. We’re covering more EXPERT methods to keep safe in the cryptoverse in our coaching session: How to Spot and Avoid Scams. If you want to get access to that, check out our 1KaDAY Club where not only will you learn about scams but you can discover a way to earn 1% a Day, 365 Days a Year!

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