Can Bitcoin Really Reach a Million Dollars?

May 04, 2022

Author: Elle Miller

If you haven’t heard yet, we’re in a FINANCIAL REVOLUTION! There’s a new technology that’s making waves across all industries and the biggest impact is on the financial system. 

Blockchain technology is empowering people to digitise their assets and one of the most popular digital coins to hit the market is BITCOIN. 

Here are some fast facts about Bitcoin:

  1. It is the hardest form of money humankind has ever invented
  2. More of it cannot be forfeited or ‘printed’ and therefore is a fantastic store of value
  3. It is the best performing asset of the last 10 years, and is expected to continue
  4. It’s growing TWICE AS FAST as the internet
  5. There are over 100,000 and counting Bitcoin millionaires

The price of 1 Bitcoin remains in the 5-digit mark and has been experiencing rises and falls across the last year BUT the big question is: Can Bitcoin Really Reach a Million Dollars?

Cathie Wood, a celebrated executive of Ark Investment Management believes so:


Peter Thiel, founder of a BIG venture capital firm does too:


Elon Musk, Jack Dorsey, and A LOT MORE mega-wealthy individuals believe in the future of the coin too. But how can we reach that million-dollar value? 

To reach the MILLION-DOLLAR PRICE, the market cap needs to grow to about $20 Trillion Dollars. While that seems like a FAR REACH, it doesn’t need a miracle to achieve it.

Interestingly, it’s not going to take Bitcoin to replace cash as we know it. It doesn’t need to devalue banks or big corporations. It doesn’t even need to replace the stock market. Instead, it just needs to receive a percentage of the cash inflow. From where?

There could be many sources of investment. YouTuber, HODL ambassador, and Bitcoin believer, Andrei Jikh shares the 8 possible sources of cash inflow that can fuel the RISE OF BITCOIN in this video:

Bitcoin will either be a gamechanger in these markets or play small amounts and still get BIG gains:

  1. Remittance Market (SOP: 300 Billion USD)
  2. Emerging Market Currency (SOP: $2.8 Trillion Added to Market Cap)
  3. Economic Settlement Network (SOP: $3.8 Trillion)
  4. Nation-State Treasury (SOP: $3.8 Trillion)
  5. High Net Worth Individuals (SOP: $4 Trillion)
  6. Institutional Investments (SOP: $4.1 Trillion)
  7. Corporate Treasury Bonds (SOP: $4.2 Trillion)
  8. Gold (SOP: $5.5 Trillion) 

*SOP indicated is the size of prize or the possible uplift from each market assuming a conservative market share taken by Bitcoin

So, the exciting part is, that it doesn’t NEED to replace anything. It only needs to get some market share, a small portion of each source. And it already is.

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