Bitcoin Is Heading To Zero???

Oct 03, 2022

Author: Elle Miller

In the history of Bitcoin, the price dropped drastically many times over.

After reaching all-time highs last year, the cryptocurrency market lost over a trillion dollars of value over a weekend.

That sparked so much fear, uncertainty and doubt.

We heard it all, loud and clear. All the skeptics, doubters, and even fearful enthusiasts are clicking away and selling off their crypto.


Even Bitcoin-believer and conservative investor, Andrei Jihk believes it’s heading to ZERO:

Check out his video here:


While many naysayers were scared off by the recent dips, Jikh just bought 1 whole bitcoin for about 20,000 USD! 

So, if we’re heading to zero, why buy more?

If you’re an investor – you can breathe easy now.

Well, Bitcoin is not heading to zero value. Instead, there are new ZERO improvements in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies that will one day help skyrocket it to new heights.

Here are some of the ZERO IMPROVEMENTS to look forward to:

1.Zero Trading Fees on Binance

Yes, you read that right!

According to Binance.Us, it’s removing Bitcoin Trading Fees in the foreseeable future. Until when this will last, I’m not so sure. 

But this is one of the most exciting developments in the space. Binance is the biggest crypto global exchange and a move in this direction can set up a precedence of how trading should be done in cryptocurrencies. 

This is amazing news for all investors and even beginners that are looking to buy their first Bitcoin. Now, you can basically do it for free and get the value of your whole investment.

Now, the question is: will this be the new standard?

Let’s see how it goes but Binance is looking to include more tokens in their zero-trading fees structure and pressuring other exchanges to follow suit.

2.Zero Carbon Footprint

In the early days of crypto, one of the biggest worries was its environmental impact.

If you’ve ever heard of Bitcoin mining, it’s the process of verifying transactions and adding new Bitcoin into circulation. Those two things take up A LOT of energy. 

Blockchain technology leans heavily on the power of many computers all over the world, creating a lot of carbon footprint.

Many people have been worried about these effects and if widespread adoption continues, could be a legitimate threat to our society.

Thankfully, more and more Bitcoin miners and cryptographers are discovering solutions and we’re now on the way to NET-ZERO emissions or hopefully even carbon negative eventually.

Some crypto hubs like El Salvador are building their mines using renewable energy like geothermal energy. Others are using energy waste from creating electricity.

As the technology improves, one day we can even look forward to compact mines and other energy-saving solutions.

Just remember how the computer was first a whole room and now, it can be found as small as a smartphone!

So, essentially, no.

We’re not heading to a ZERO VALUE. That might be the complete opposite after a few years.

If the rate of adoption continues to move forward, innovation keeps on getting better, and we find more use cases for cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, it will be the inevitable future.

Today, we are seeing the first few stages of what our reality will look like in the near future. Our choice now is to go against it or be part of it. 

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