Bitcoin is Freedom

May 12, 2022

Author: Wassim Dabboussi

While the idea of cryptocurrencies being a hedge against inflation and safe haven for wealth is starting to be accepted, we have a long way to go before we truly realise the power of Bitcoin and what it can do to propel humanity into the next phase of civilisation.

We have seen in the past couple of years how money has been used in our own so called democratic and free society to control people. Imagine how money is used in oppressive totalitarian, authoritarian, occupied, oppressed and suppressed countries. 

Countries like North Korea, where the government has demonetised their FIAT currency rendering everyone’s wealth worthless almost overnight and now everyone gets government supplied rations.

Or the 14 African nations who still use french colonial currencies that are not exchangeable to any other currency other than the EURO and the french still hold all their gold reserves.

Or occupied Palestine, where the 1993 Oslo agreement meant that the Palestian people would have to give up all their monetary policy over their occupiers in return for a so-called free state.

So how does Bitcoin solve these issues?

Watch this segment from the recent Bitcoin Conference 2022 to learn how these 3 human right activists are using Bitcoin to support change and development in these countries.

The 3 examples in this video, if successful will affect over 200 Million people and give them a better future, this is roughly 8 times the population of Australia