3 Crypto Jobs that Never Existed Before

Nov 10, 2022

Author: Elle Miller

Back in 2017, one of the first crypto “booms” happened. We saw Bitcoin reach historic all-time highs and with that, many tech-focused businesses started flocking to the crypto/blockchain industry.

In the four-year period between September 2015 and September 2019, the share of crypto jobs increased by 1, 457%, according to the Job Board website.

As the crypto/blockchain industry continues to grow fast, many new crypto jobs continue to be created. In 2021 alone, crypto job postings on Indeed surged by 118%. It’s crazy to think that these are jobs that never even existed a decade before. 

We are truly shifting to a new world! Here are three crypto jobs that you might not have heard of before:

1.Blockchain Engineer

This role involves designing and implementing blockchain solutions for businesses or organisations. Blockchain engineers need to be familiar with cryptography concepts such as hashing algorithms, focused script languages, and many more.

2.Crypto Security Engineer

The demand for security engineers is skyrocketing. According to Indeed, it was the second fastest-growing job in terms of job postings over the past year, with a growth rate of 684%.

Security engineers are responsible for ensuring the safety and security of crypto assets and platforms. These professionals need to be able to identify vulnerabilities and protect against malicious attacks.

3.Crypto Analyst

Crypto Analysts help companies understand how their business model and future plans can be affected by blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and ICOs. It’s an extremely important role because it means that businesses will be able to make more informed decisions about their investments in the industry.

With more countries, institutions, and businesses investing in the crypto space, it has created a whole new sector of jobs. This development is amazing for the industry and the demand for jobs like the abovementioned ones is growing so much faster than the pace where qualified candidates can fill the positions required. 

We are stilll in the early days of the crypto revolution and so the demand for this type of talent will only become higher. All of this is a great indicator for the crypto industry,it’s certainly proving itself to be the pioneering industry that will be the future for many different aspects of our lives.

While we’re seeing this crypto industry make waves in our world as individuals, we should be thinking about it as a great indicator of where we should also be investing our time and money into. If you always wondered about investing in crypto but don’t know where to start then it’s all about beginning with the basics to make understanding crypto easy. We offer a free mini-course at decryptingcrypto.com to help you begin your journey in a safe and successful way. 

One day very soon the crypto industry will create a whole new world that we will all be living and operating in… none of us want to be in a position where we don’t understand what’s happening and we can’t keep up so we get left behind. Getting ahead of this technology and understanding how to make it benefit you will be the way to secure your future and that of future generations.