10 Reasons to Believe in Crypto Long Term

Apr 27, 2022

Author: Wassim Dabboussi

It is undeniable that the world we live in today is vastly different from the world we used to live pre the pandemic. 

The changes in the laws, the way we do business, economy, censorship, and free speech, mandates and the like, have been the source of controversy and conspiracy for the past 2 plus years.

During this time cryptocurrencies have grown immensely, a good portion of this growth has been driven by the desire to create wealth. However the ones truly behind this huge movement are in it for a different reason.

I too was initially attracted to Crypto in lure of financial freedom, however what has made me a huge believer and advocate of Crypto is the potential it has to make the world a better place

In this short video you will learn 10 Reasons to Believe in Crypto Long Term:

  1. Crypto protects human rIghts 
  2. Crypto provides currency stability
  3. Decentralisation guarantees fairness 
  4. Crypto protects free speech 
  5. Crypto protects private property 
  6. Crypto protects online privacy
  7. Crypto is the next silicon valley
  8. Smart contracts replace fallible courts and lawyers 
  9. Economic alignment addresses social polarisation 
  10. Code-based order